Posted last week, the AFL final 8 was set, not sorted. Turns out it was. After 9 games of football across the weekend, the final 8 remained completely unchanged from the week before. In a controversial move, 8th placed North Melbourne rested 9 of it’s star players, knowing it couldn’t lose the spot while not wanting to advance to the prospect of an Adelaide home final. That set the tone for a few other sides in the 8, who also rested players – including the Bulldogs. The Dogs were bloody lucky though. They lost what should have been an ‘unloseable’ game against the bottom side. If Adelaide had done what they were expected to do – beat Geelong – the Doggies would have been off to Adelaide for the first final. (click below for highlights)

Brisbane Lions beat Western Bulldogs in tight contest, Saturday 5th September 2015.

Fortunately the Crows lost, the Cats turning in a blinder to farewell a retiring group of superstars. The season officially done last night – with the Bombers winning a cliffhanger against the Pies, finals kick off this coming weekend. We’ll be at ‘The G’ Saturday night for the first Bulldogs final in years, against a formidable Adelaide side. Whodathunkit.

Fires out.