After a meteoric rise to the top 4 over the past 2 months, the Dogs succumbed to a superior West Coast Eagles yesterday. The home side were too good. The Dogs making simple unforced errors, for several turnover goals by half time – the sort of thing they might get away with against lesser sides. They still looked a slim chance, 16 points down in the 3rd, before West Coast stepped on the gas, kicking an impressive 25 goals for the game. There were 38 goals scored in this fast flowing, ferocious encounter.

Dogs Wipeout
Western Bulldog, Stewart Crameri pulls one down in the goal mouth, yesterday.

The Doggies now sit 6th with a big test this Saturday against North Melbourne (who beat ladder-leaders Fremantle yesterday). Things are hotting up. Just two rounds remain of this AFL home-and-away season before the intrigue of September finals. Melbourne’s weather on the up, there’s a familiar feeling in the air. Go Dogs.

Fires out.