Nearly 2 weeks since the release of Tame Impala’s latest album Currents. And what a magnificent album it is. Totally sucked in during the lead-up, Triple J made it feature album, then Triple R the following week. I was all over Youtube listening & re-listening. Then in the week of release, Youtube pulled everthing down to make us wait. By week’s end & release day I was chomping at the bit. Downloaded & slammed it on repeat for days on end. What a f*cking fantastic ride. Not just the release of the year – but also, for mine, the finest Australian offering in years. This act (Kevin Parker) is bigger the world over than most of us realise. Pull a Youtube search & you’ll find appearances on massive US TV late-shows like Jimmy Fallon & Conan O’brien – and festivals such as Glastonbury, Reading & Coachella. If you want an experience that takes you on a different journey every time you embark, you need this album. It’s deeply emotional, the lyrics gripping & heartfelt. Sonically, it’s gritty and beautiful. Enthralling. All hail the genius that is Tame Impala.


Fires out.