Mate & drummer Mick Brown handed me his band’s latest offering last week for a pre-release listen. Chapter Ray’s latest EP will be launched at 2pm this Sunday at the Evelyn Hotel, Fitzroy. Their best release so far, for mine – driving up a notch in production & bedding down their sound. It’s an unashamedly commercial pop record loaded with good vibes and super catchy hooks. I’m hearing tinges of Robbie Williams in songs like ‘Pillow’ when vocalist Adam Ray sings “Don’t fight it… Let us ignite your ears…”. There are flavours of bands like Semisonic, Maroon 5 & Fuel peppered throughout. That said, it does have it’s very own identity. You can hear the band’s musical diversity playing it’s part. Mick & Brendan Young (guitars) are both guys with a grunge-rock ethos still pulsing through their veins – and it creates a curious mix coupled with Ray’s pop sensibility. Come down to the Evelyn this Sunday arvo for what promises to be a great gig (you can even bring the kids along for this one) – and get yourself a copy of this fine release.

Rays Launch

Fires out.