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Neighbouring Venues, Collingwood

Got back with the dog this morning & one of the guys from next door asked me to come over & test the new coffee machine (bit wired as I write). They’re practicing making coffee prior to opening the bar sometime in the next month or two. Some point in the not-too-distant future, we’ll be two licensed venues next to each other on this little part of Johnston St Collingwood. 208 & 210.

208&210 Johnston St Collingwood

Off to council meeting today, town planner tomorrow. Getting the license and permit stuff underway. We’re told it’ll be a somewhat meticulous process.

Fires out.

Video Vault ’08 – Ukraine Tour

Archival footage of Ukraine tour October 2008. 3 weeks on a tour bus around the country. You can see the sleep deprivation kicking in. Romania & Turkey followed.

Fires out.

AFL Round 2 – Upset Central

Enthralling weekend of AFL football, starting with Carlton’s thrashing at the hands of West Coast, Friday night. Saturday, in the round’s 2nd biggest upset, Western Bulldogs beat the Tigers at The G. And it got weirder. Yesterday the Bombers (leading all afternoon) accounted for white-hot favourites & reining premiers Hawthorn. Collingwood & Geelong were surprisingly well beaten. And the hapless Saints thumped predicted finals-contenders Gold Coast in enemy territory. (Bulldog v Tiger’s highlights below)

Round 2 done & tipping winners for next weekend couldn’t be tougher. Fantastic start to another AFL season.

Fires out.

Mojo – Cat Litter Smasher

On a somewhat lighter note this Friday afternoon, our pooch Mojo just smashed the cat litter tray. Unthinkable things he does in there when we’re not looking. Apparently, Max caught him with stuff all over his back. He wouldn’t sit for the pic through. Next best thing was the aftermath.

Mojo Disgrace-10Apr15
Mojo’s handy-work.

Off to work at the Speigeltent Bar tonight in Collingwood. Practice for when we open the new venue. Using the experience to design the bar layout here too. Love the job. Scary at first, but into the swing now. Have a great weekend & GO DOGS – playing the formidable Tigers tomorrow at MCG. No love lost.

Fires out.

Vagrants Latest Video

Good mates, The Vagrants just released their latest video ‘Can’t Take Anymore’. They’re on the road through Germany this month.

Go guys.
Fires out.

Backstage Rod Laver

Backstage at Rod Laver arena last month courtesy Kent Arberle. Kent’s band Kristian Bush opened for the band below, Lady Antebellum. Great to see the man, his first time in Australia after years touring with us overseas.

Lady Antebellum Rod Laver-17Mar15

Our first time backstage at Rod Laver too. Took an overseas buddy to get us there.

Fires out.

Easter Weekend & The Tote

Had a great 4 day weekend. Kinda sad today. Back to work & mum left town, on return to Tamworth. Hadn’t seen her in almost a year & the few weeks she spent visiting friends & family went quick. On a lighter note, had a great arvo with mate Craigie at the Tote yesterday. Mini festival, about 8 bands in an eclectic mix. Watching hip hop act, Griffin Brain & realised I’d been smiling the whole show. Great fun. Here’s some video.

Griffin Brain at Lord Fest – The Tote, Monday 6th April 2015.

Fires out.

Nigel’s Post – US Tour Fiasco

Nigel posted this pic on his blog this morning. Friend of Max’s, he wrote something really cool about the band, put pics & video to go with it. The pic below – our US tour van 2011. We played 25 dates across North America on our 3rd tour there. Unfortunately, the guys who owned the van pulled out after the first weekend. Though it was never said, they might have found touring wasn’t the fun they’d expected. 4 days of hard driving, late nights, early mornings, sleep deprivation & the lack of sex & drugs was probably a disappointment.

US Tour Van-2011

When they suddenly quit the tour, we were left without transport for a huge run of shows starting the following day. One of those moments where you either quit or crash through. We were up for several thousand bucks in the blink of an eye. Somehow, we made every date, finished the tour & went directly to China. By the time we hit China, we were hardened, tight & ready for some wildly big shows. (See China vid here)

Fires out.

Flash Back Gorilla Munster

Couldn’t help this after yesterday’s post. The Vagrants setting up Monday night to sound-check for a show at Gorilla Bar in Munster, Germany. We played that bar with them, April 2013 – was one of our favourite German tour shows to a packed house. I remember an English fella coming up afterward saying “Whatever you do, do not get a drummer. You’ve got it all going on. You don’t need to mess it up for a guy with two sticks.”

Vagrants At Gorilla-30Mar15

After Munster we went directly to Beijing to start a month long tour through China. See the Germany/China tour diary at our YouTube Channel. As mentioned, missing the road a bit these days. Overwhelming feelings of withdrawal.

Fires out.

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