Delivered a 40 page document to council today, outlining who lived here & how the building has been used for the past 15 years. All part of info required by bureaucracy so we can change the use of the building to what will eventually be a live performance space. Was told at the planning counter, council still needs a ‘demolition report’. I said “but there’ll be no demolition. We’re building things in – not tearing stuff down”. Apparently, if you change a sink in a toilet, removal of the old sink classifies as ‘demolition’. So now, we need to write a report, outlining the ‘demolition’ of an old sink. If you cut a small hole in a roof to insert a roof vent, the little circle of tin being removed classifies as, you guessed it, ‘demolition’. F#ck me.

Richmond Town Hall
Richmond Town Hall, council headquarters.

Playing the game…
More red-tape news soon, no doubt.

Fires out.