Back to the State Library this week & the Vic Electoral Commission. Spent most of Monday researching the identity of previous tenants in our building. As mentioned, need to prove someone was living here prior to us (names, dates etc), as part of submission to council to change the ‘use’ of the building. They need to know the building has been partially and continually residential (for 15 years with no break) – so we can keep living here, and in turn, change said ‘use’ to a live music & performance venue. It’s tricky & hopelessly bureaucratic – but a game we’re stuck playing for now.

State Library 2
State Library Melbourne.

Pretty much found all the info we need. Documenting & hoping to present to council later today. First round of plans already there & scrutinised. More ‘exciting’ news soon, as we work the red tape.

Fires out.