Great start to the week. Package arrived from West Palm, Florida. Ian Scott, guitarist & vocalist with Kegasaurus Wrecks, mailed us their brand-spankin’ new album complete with t-shirts, stubbie-holders, caps & posters.

Kegasaurus Wrecks Melbourne
Florida’s Kegasaurus Wrecks – new ablum, t-shirt & cap.

We first met Ian at a show in Lake Worth, Florida. Completely by chance, we were playing at a bar about an hour from his place & didn’t realise he was the son of a friend of a friend of my mother’s (4 degrees of separation?). Went to a great party at Ian’s place a couple weeks later. Then later in the year, we added his place as an official US tour date. Their street is party-central. Ian’s home has a stage, bar & band room (you need never leave the neighbourhood).

All the best with the release, guys! Listening to the album now…

Fires out.