Huge weekend gone. Still recovering. Saturday working on the new venue. Saturday night, working at a local bar (Speigeltent) then over to Stalk’s & a few late night beers. Working at the Spiegeltent has been an amazing, eye-opening experience. Been there about a month now. Never worked behind a bar before, so I figured now’s the time to get familiar. Thrown in the deep end from my first night – the bar, cash register & EFTPOS machine – all things I’d never worked before. Starting to get clear about a good, practical bar design for our place. Sunday morning, went down to Rosebud for a 3 hour kayaking expedition out on Port Phillip bay. Sunburned, returned home to house-mate’s party which kicked on at volume til 5am. Yesterday was rough. Very slow start, but feeling almost human again this fine Tuesday morning.

Thanks to Stalk for this pic. We were both working the bar this night last week.

Fires out.