Yep, it’s been a little while between posts here. Took most of January off building the venue, needed to pull back & break for a bit.

Got a Skype video call from Kiev this morning. Spent about an hour talking with tour manager Sasha. Great to hear from her – though things aren’t going too well there. Large sections of the country ravaged by war. Pipa’s leg is still mending – he was badly injured a year ago at the beginning of the conflict. The guys aren’t playing any shows now. They feel this is not the time for enjoyment or celebration – but a time to respect the hardship and loss experienced by Ukrainian people as Russian troops invade & devastate their cities & towns.

Ukraine tour 2008. Legendary musician Sasha Pipa (top).

Pic above taken in happier times at a concert after-party, during the 2008 Ukraine tour. We traveled all over the country in Sasha Pipa’s tour bus for 3 weeks, 12 shows in 12 cities, opening for his band ‘@traktor’.

Fires out.