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Pawel’s Tour Pic – Poland 2010

Polish tour manager, Pawel sent us this pic taken after a show there in 2010. It was the first time we’d toured Europe in winter, which also happened to be the coldest winter there in 30 years. We were buried in snow for the whole thing. None of us had ever felt cold like that.

Poland tour shot 2010

That’s Pawel on the right. He’d jump on stage & play guitar for some shows. Mark (next to Pawel) came along & played bass. He left mid-summer North Fitzroy, landing the following day in sub-zero Warsaw clad only in board-shorts, thongs & surf hoodie. Problem was, there was no air-bridge from the plane to the terminal. Mark walked down stairs from the plane, along the tarmac and onto a terminal bus through snow at minus 20 degrees. And they took their time closing the bus doors. Classic Aussie arrival.

Fires out.

Paperwork Mountain

Paperwork this week for the new venue. Been drawing up plans for an awning to run along the side of the building & wrap around the back, giving some coverage to the beer garden. At the moment, there’s no weather protection walking from the venue to the beer garden & toilets. Need to get the awning done – which includes local council planning & permit process – before returning to work on the venue space.

Proposed Plans & Elevations
East elevation, new venue awning in red. Beer garden at back (to the right).

Back to it this weekend, working on downstairs studio rooms.

Fires out.

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