Mentioned in yesterday’s post – had a big one Friday night. Couple of mates over for a few beers turned into a decent jam session. At some point, thought I’d wonder across the street to the new barbecue joint – Blue Bonnet. Hadn’t been in yet – said hello to the head chef & told him about the new venue etc. Probably shouldn’t have been so under the weather for first introduction. Asked if the guys could make a platter with a few different things on it. Due to amazing generosity, returned with a massive platter of barbecued meats, sausages, potatoes etc.

Blue Bonnet BBQ
Blue Bonnet Barbecue, 187 Johnston Street Collingwood – pic from their website.

The food was insanely good. Mates TC and particularly Craigie went on feast frenzy – the latter walking around stuffing his face, cave-man style with a lump of steak half the size of his head, saying “this is the best barbecue I’ve ever had”. Can’t recommend the place highly enough – Blue Bonnet Barbecue. Food is exquisite & the restaurant is pumping already (been going maybe less than a month). Really nice atmosphere in there too (low lighting). Jam sesh & beers continued til the wee hours, making for a hard start 7am Saturday working on the kitchen.

Well worth the pain.
Fires out.