Chasing down a series of roof leaks this arvo. Me and Stu (the plumber) got up there to take a look. Took this shot sitting on the ridge, near the front of the building looking south over Collingwood.

Roof top panorama 20Aug14
Rooftops of Collingwood, looking south from Johnston St, just west of Hoddle St – 20 Aug 2014.

Pretty hairy getting up there. One long ladder up from the beer-garden 8 metres to the gutter & over onto the roof. Found the leaks eventually. Dare-devil Stu made the repairs. Next rain, we’ll see how they went. Far as we can tell, for decades much of the rain leaking in from the top floor roof made it’s way down the walls and into the venue area below. This might be the first time it’s been stopped in a very long time. Fingers crossed.

Fires out.