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Dave Frusher, We’ll Miss You

Sad news today. Dave Frusher, friend and amazing supporter of the band, died on Tuesday in Puerto Gallera, Philippines. Dave was a half-time host at almost all of our shows at the Yak bar and around Melbourne between 05 & 07. He ran the meat raffle with Heidi, always at the ready with a series of bold one-liners. Up dancing on the nearest table with Kim during the show. Many a time, we’d be sitting at the bar for a few cold ones after the show til the early hours. We’d go back to Dave’s place & he’d let the pet snakes out for a pat (for anyone who was game enough). Dave followed his heart to the Philippines, pretty much re-locating there for the past few years. I guess I’d always thought he’d come home one day, and again we’d sit around Stalk & Kim’s kitchen table talking music, politics and the meaning of life. Good-bye Dave. We’ll miss you.

Dave Frusher

Fires out.

We Have Gas

Probably not the best headline for a post, but we have gas connected to the new venue. 4 months & 7 days after placing the order, the guys finally came this morning and fitted this little meter between the pipes. And so the quest for heating, cooking and hot water nears it’s end. Another lesson in persistence and sanity. Dealing with Australian power, water & telephone companies is way too often a monolithic ordeal. Thank Christ we’re not a cafe or restaurant hanging by our teeth, waiting for Origin Energy to deliver the goods, before we can open. I could go on to further detail our frustration and anger at such a stupid system, but I’m freekin’ over it. Today we just thank that great marauding universal beast with many heads who lives in the clouds, that we have gas.

Gas Meter

Fires out.

Last Live Show – Taiwan 2013

Shot from our last festival show, Ho-Hoi-Yan Festival Taiwan – July 3013. Last song of the set – Without.

Live In Taiwan July 2013

It was a great moment but a little melancholy too. I think we knew as those final notes were played, that we weren’t coming back for a long while – if ever. Ho Hoi Yan was a huge festival and an amazing finale to 6 years of overseas touring. 20,000 people in the crowd as we waved goodbye & walked off stage.

Fires out.

The ‘Value’ Of Music

This is classic. It’s also a sad indictment on how music & musicians are valued. In a capitalist society, like it or not – we’re all subject to the laws of supply and demand. Yet somehow most musicians also find themselves perceived as providing a near financially worthless commodity. At the same time, we all love music. Radios on while we’re working, headphones in riding the train, tunes playing in the background at your local bar or pub, music blaring at sporting events, weddings, funerals etc etc. And all that before we even start talking about live music venues & festivals. Yet somehow, we generally don’t seem to value very much the people who make it. To illustrate the point, here’s a post on Craigslist from a restaurant in Vancouver –

Musicans Valued
Thanks to Mal Bowker for posting this on Facebook.

Fires out.

Jan’s Little Ripper

This is hardly rock & roll news – but relevant to living in a construction zone above a new venue being created in the shop-front below. Max’s mum, Jan gave us an old mini-oven & it’s kept us going for the past 4 months. This little sucker doesn’t look like much – but packs a punch. It’s done about 40 pizzas, a stack of pies, toasted sangas and whatever else we can squeeze in there. 2 hot-plates on top to fry snags & eggs. Fingers crossed – it hasn’t looked like breaking down yet. Proper kitchen could be a long way off.

Jan's Little Killer Oven
Jan’s little ripper.

BBQ out the back & slow cooker shouldn’t go unmentioned. Good team.

Fires out.

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Utopia – John Pilger’s Latest Documentary

Investigative journalist John Pilger alerted me to an Australia vastly different from the one I thought I knew, when I saw a documentary he’d made in the 90’s about Indigenous Australians. Pilger doesn’t pull punches. His aim is not just to uncover the truth – but to tell it no matter how uncomfortable it might be to hear, or see. As you would expect, he is very unpopular in mainstream media and politics. In short, they hate him – especially here in Australia. But that hatred doesn’t change the facts or the real history of this country. Nor does it stop Pilger delivering the truth in a calm, rational and dignified manner. His latest documentary will likely slip through the cracks in Australia – at a time when it absolutely shouldn’t.

Fires out.

Ring Of Fire

Another one bights the dust. Jonesy’s Chili Sauce on 8 pizzas in 5 days (had Monday off) wiped out the jar. All pizza’d-out here. Gotta make something different tonight. Things are a little shaky ’round the back-hatch (to put it politely). And here’s a shot of said empty jar & pizza number 8, made last night.

Jonesy's Sauce-AnotherOneBitesTheDust Pizza No-8

Fires out (sort of).

Not A Bad Gig

Chris loaded this poster on FB yesterday. Not a bad gig if you can make it. Always gob-smacked at the caliber of concerts regularly traveling through the northern hemisphere. Tyranny of distance keeps us a little out of the loop down-under.

Sabbath Poster Brit Summertime

Remember sitting on a train in Warsaw, seeing a poster featuring insanely big bands like Sabbath, Motley Crew, Metallica, Megadeth and our very own Airborne (good on em). The show had an enormous date list, traveling Europe east to west.

Fires out.

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