OK, OK – Friday’s post was a hoax (sort of). We weren’t actually off on any ‘world tour’ as such – but we did play a couple of ‘gigs’ in southeast Queensland over the weekend. After some stoopid stuff on the flight there (delayed 2 hours on the tarmac before takeoff & aborted landing at Brisbane) we rented a car & drove out to Toogoolawah to catch up with the Ramblers sky-diving crew. In 2010 we played their Equinox Sky-diving Festival – and they very kindly threw the whole band out of plane the following morning. We’ve missed the guys & haven’t been back til now. One of the jumpers threw a great birthday party at their place Friday night. They’d set up an outdoor cinema complete with drop screen, projector, PA & everybody lounging around the backyard drinking beer in the balmy night air. Awesome. We played a couple of sets unplugged after the movie. Didn’t wanna leave the following morning. Great catching up with Sonja.

Arrived at Spicers Peak Lodge in the mountains west of Brisbane for a mate’s wedding around midday Saturday. Played Josh Pyke’s version of Endless Summer (by the Jezabells) as the bride walked down the ‘aisle’ overlooking said mountains. Sat up til the wee hours playing for the small but very rowdy reception. Arrived back in Melbourne midnight last night.

Spicers Peak Lodge
Spicers Peak Lodge west of Brisbane in the Great Dividing Range.

Great weekend catching up with friends we don’t see enough of.

Fires out.