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First Night In The Venue

It’s been a huge week here at the new venue. We had to have the place ready for it’s first ever event; our house-mate’s birthday bash on Saturday night. With 3 hours to spare, we were done & ready to roll (and freekin’ exhausted). It was all well and truly worth it. We had a fantastic night. Still on a high this morning. Please excuse the lack of website posts during last week. Saturday night was also our first gig here, albeit unannounced. Pulled out a few On Fires tunes along with some classic Beatles, Floyd & Elvis.

First Night @ Fire Depot

The venue room already has a really nice cosy vibe to it in the early stages of construction.

Fires out.

Collingwood Archeology

A massive weekend working on the new venue. Very sore today. Max posted this shot on our Facebook page. Funny story – the hole got a lot bigger and the thing I was looking for (sewage pipe) was never found. The original builders had encased the pipe in a solid channel of concrete. Had to give up and start another one out the back. Found the pipe eventually. So now we can install a sink in the bar.

Marty digging out the venue floor.

Between digging & tip runs, brick-by-brick we pulled down an old fireplace and chimney in the rear of the building. An epic undertaking. Working on this place is part archeological. There’s stuff behind the walls & in the ground from a hundred years ago. False teeth, bottles, old pipe, paint tins etc.

Recovering slowly today.
Fires out.

Joy On Johnston

A lovely shot of the new venue floor here at Fire Depot, Collingwood. Those are gas pipes sitting over the hole. Had to join them & tunnel under the floor to that little hole in the bottom corner of the front wall. Dirty work. Stu the plumber had a rough day on the street. While getting something out of the driver’s side of his ute, someone smashed into the open door, narrowly missing him & snapping the door forward into the front of the vehicle. The guy took responsibility at first, then spent the rest of the afternoon sending abusive voice-mail. Idiot.

Venue Floor

Then around 4pm a bus-driver barreled up to the ute & slammed on the brakes, horn blaring while Stu was frantically packing the last of his gear to get out of the clearway.

The joys of Johnston St.

Have a great weekend.
Fires out.

Kick Out The Jams – MC5

Legendary MC5 – Kick Out The Jams. Turn up load, enjoy…

Fires out.

Is Ukraine On The Brink Of Russian Invasion?

Scary times. This article in today’s Age newspaper Melbourne.

Ukraine puts troops on high alert, threatening war

Russian Troops in Ukraine
Soldiers block access to a Ukrainian border guard base near Simferopol. Photo: AFP

Simferopol, Ukraine: Ukraine put its military on high alert on Sunday in response to Russia’s move to seize control of the Crimean peninsula, and it threatened war against Moscow if the Kremlin made further incursions into Ukrainian territory as Western powers scrambled to find a response to the crisis.

“This is the red alert, this is not a threat, this is actually a declaration of war to my country,” Ukraine’s Prime Minister, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, said after Russia’s parliament approved the deployment of troops to any part of Ukraine where Moscow deems Russians are in danger. He warned that Ukraine was on the “brink of disaster” and appealed to the international community to stand by Kiev. Click here to read more

Our thoughts & hearts go out to our friends in Ukraine. Be safe.

Fires out.

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