2nd December 2013; we applied to Origin to get gas connected to the new venue – principally for luxury items like cooking, washing & heating. Get this – it took THREE MONTHS to connect a gas line (early THIS month). But we can’t have a meter yet because Origin need permission from Energy Safe Victoria. So the gas pipe comes into the building & terminates.

Two Lonely Gas Pipes

You can call your ESV inspector between 7:30 – 9am weekdays to book an appointment – except he doesn’t answer the phone during those times. Got through to someone else in the office at ESV only to learn our ‘paperwork’ had been sitting there since early March doing absolutely nothing & no-one knows why. Guy said – “Tell your plumber to give us a call”.

If we ever actually get gas connected here it will probably be by coincidence or random chance. All this stuff reminds me that as much as we think we’re living in 2014 Australia, it’s really just 1975 with internet. Cheers Origin & ESV – here’s to rugging up for a cold winter.

Fires out.