We had our house-mate’s birthday bash here at the new venue on Saturday night (as posted earlier this week). But yesterday was Scotty’s actual birthday so we went out for dinner to his favourite Vietnamese restaurant on Victoria Street. Back to Stalk & Kim’s afterward, as usual, for drinks and jamming. Yet another session in their backyard. I reckon I’ve played there once a week for the past 2 months. Last night I kept a list of the songs we played, Kim on shakers, Stalk the bongos, Max – vocals & percussion, Scotty -BVs & dog cuddling. (set list below)


America; Sister Golden Hair, Rod Stewart; The Killing Of Georgie; Pretenders; Brass In Pocket, The Vapors; Turning Japanese, Eagles; Take It Easy, Lionel Ritchie; Easy Like Sunday Morning, Richard Thompson; Beeswing, Beatles; And Your Bird Can Sing, Violent Femmes; Blister In The Sun, The Saints; Firewood, B52s; Rock Lobster.

Slow start this morning. It takes a lotta beer to come up with a list like that. Kim also named our ‘band’ last night – hereon we’ll be called ‘Us’.

Fires out.