Max at a massive demonstration against Australia’s Abbott Federal Government on Sunday in Melbourne. Whenever people get out en masse to express concern about the direction of government policy, they’re often subject to a wave of criticism from conservative voices in our society – and mainly those who didn’t attend.

Demonstration Max

Public rallies & demonstrations are also important ways to learn about hidden activities in our country. Stuff our insightful main-stream commercial media deem unfit for broadcast or publication. Little things like violating the human rights of refugees and indigenous people, corporate economic savagery & environmental destruction, the subjugation of women and so on. If you’re getting your news from Channel 7 or 3AW, sorry but they don’t want you thinking or talking about all that uncomfortable stuff.

For mine, the People’s right to express concern isn’t and shouldn’t be about barracking for your favourite political party, rusted on like a football supporter. In my experience demonstrations have overwhelmingly been about truth, honesty, information and appropriate action. The opposite of politics.

Long live democracy and the will of the People, however they are ridiculed or distorted.

Fires out.