Amazing the difference just a few years can make. Ukraine is again in the grip of civil unrest, Kiev’s city square a conflict zone as protesters clash with authorities. 26 people dead at last count. Max & I walked through that square, marveled at the architecture & sat down to eat with our friends. That was 2009. Touring Ukraine was an eye opening experience at a socio-political level. At shows in the east, audience members often insisted we communicate in Russian. In the west they loved it when we said the few words we knew in Ukrainian.

Our hosts & tour mates had protested and fought for freedom against Russian political tyranny as part of the Orange revolution in 2003. They had gained so much at enormous cost. Freedom and peace. Our hearts go out to them & we hope they’re OK through another episode of attempted oppression. Courageous, resilient people.

Here’s an article by published yesterday.

AFP Photo / Louisa Gouliamaki – Kiev Riots.

Fires out.