Another article about Triple J published last month in the Sydney Morning Herald (little slow off the mark here). To some degree I can understand it, but it still strikes me as ominous that no-one want’s to go ‘on the record’ to criticize the station. Even successful artists opt to speak anonymously. The power Triple J supposedly welds over the careers of Australian musicians has the industry walking on eggshells. But it’s a tax-payer funded organisation – so it doesn’t have the right to ostricise anyone for criticizing it. The problems with Triple J begin at a fundamental level: Either a committee should be choosing the station’s play-list, or they should do away with play-list’s altogether. Right now, program manager Richard Kingsmill, with God-like status, ultimately decides who gets on & who doesn’t (indeed, they call him ‘The King’). And that’s not right. No wonder Triple J has become homogenised and unrepresentative. Click here to read the article.

SMH JJJ Article

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