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Mercy Dash Sold Out – Tix Still Available For TOF Fans

2 days to go til the much-anticipated Mercy Dash re-union show. Here’s what the local paper had to say at the time.

Mercy Dash in the news

I used to sing in the band, picking up the guitar occasionally. Although, as Mick the drummer pointed out at rehearsal last week, I never picked it up when I was supposed to. Either way, this Saturday will be an amazing night. The band sounds great, everything coming together. The show is down at Pearcedale, not far from Frankston – and it’s sold out. That said, we’ve put a few tix aside for fans of The On Fires. Message us on FB or leave a comment below & we’ll give you the details. We hit the stage around 7pm.

Fires out.

Taipei July 2013

Last year, in the middle of winter in Australia, we played Ho Hoi Yan festival in Taiwan. It was around 40 degrees on the beach when the show kicked off. The shot below was taken during sound-check before the crowd arrived. Much like Melbourne today, there was no escaping the heat. Great show & awesome festival, we were totally cooked by the end.

Ho Hoi Yan Festival TaiwanMe on the Ho Hai Yan festival beach, Taipei Taiwan 5 hours before the show.

Fires out.

Whitehouse ‘The 26th’

Maddy sent us this video link – Aussie band, Whitehouse – ‘The 26th’. A poignant reminder that Australia Day represents something quite different for our country’s first people.

Fires out.

Summer Hits Melbourne

Took it’s sweet time but summer has finally arrived in Melbourne. Mercury set to hit 40 degrees (105 F) later this week. Already a beautiful Monday out there. Here’s a shot out the window from the room above what will be our new venue.

Out The Window 13Jan14
Collingwood – Buildings of Melbourne in the distance.

We were working on the new place all weekend. Bit tired today but all good. More on the venue soon.

Fires out.

The Age Article – Live Music Reforms

Interesting article in The Age yesterday. Apparently the Victorian state government has ‘vowed to implement an ”agent-of-change” planning principle’ for live music venues that ‘clash with new residents over noise complaints’. A welcome development indeed – driven by Music Victoria who represent our live music industry. The article goes on to say – “Residents who move into an area with live music venues would have to bear the cost of soundproofing. If a venue began hosting live music events in a residential area, it would have the responsibility”. How cool is that! Keeping our fingers crossed. Click here to read more.

Pic from The Age
Pic and article from The Age newspaper, Melbourne 8th Jan 4014.

Fires out.

Video Vault – China 2011

Here’s one from our video archives – downloaded from China TV (sound gets a little rough) – ‘Sorry Now’ live at Midi Festival Beijing 2011.

See more footage at our Youtube Channel.

Fires out.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from me and Max! Just got back from seeing my folks in Tamworth. Evacuated before the town’s Country Music Festival begins next week. And this year Guy Sebastian & Shannon Noll will team up for a massive double header – the ‘Rock Soul Show’. Awesome. An Idol reunion. God knows, we need it.

Speaking of re-unions, rehearsing again this week for a one-off Mercy Dash show on Sat 18th Jan. For those unfamiliar, I played in the band years ago. We had a long residency at the infamous Joey’s St Kilda during the late 90’s & early 2000’s. It was predominately a grunge thing, mostly covers. We’re having a ball re-hashing the old stuff. Amazing what sticks in the back of your mind.

Mercy Dash & Friends
Mercy Dash & friends after a show in the 90’s.

Fires out.

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