Here’s a magnificent article rightly attacking Triple J radio for turning its back on Oz pub rock. It’s a rare thing to see anyone stand up to the all-powerful J’s. Musicians won’t, for fear of committing career suicide. Industry won’t either – for the same reason. James Young’s got a lotta guts so far as I’m concerned. I disagree with none of what he says here –

It’s Time Triple J Stop Being Successful & Start Being Accountable

Written by James Young on 16 January 2014.
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I am not Triple J’s target audience; I’m too old, although I’m considerably younger than its Program Manager Richard Kingsmill. I know a bit about music. I was the Program Manager of RRR for three years and a volunteer presenter for 14 years. I co-own two indie music labels, manage bands, book venues, own and run music festivals and own Cherry Bar, blah blah blah. I’m also a taxpayer, as well as a music lover and I feel entitled to an opinion on Triple J.

Triple J remains massively influential. As a local act, to get on major music festivals or score an international support or  tour interstate and have people turn up, you must be played on the station. Without Triple J support most bands will struggle to survive, and this is exactly why it is imperative that Triple J supports all types of local talent.

In my opinion Triple J has crawled up its own arse favouring skip-hop music (sorry, I just threw up a bit in mouth) and internationals and has turned its back on Oz pub rock, the defining sound of Australia. Click here to read more.

Fires out.