Went to the Comic’s Lounge, North Melbourne last night. Thanks to our buddy Mal for organising a group of us to see the Clayton Fletcher (US) & Gab Rossi show. Had a lotta fun & left without settling my tab at the bar. Better get back there today & sort that. Biggest thing that struck me, comedy aside, was the slick organisation of the show. They ran like clockwork, never missed a beat – regularly promoting the comedians & the club, announcing the next act, large monitors with comedian’s name at the sides of the stage, friendly bar staff, prizes, gold-passes to be won, feed-back pages at every table (collecting email addresses), brochures showing upcoming events, ‘Facebook’ photos being taken by staff. The list goes on.

Comic's Lounge With Mal & crew
‘Facebook’ pic taken by staff at Comic’s Lounge, North Melbourne last night. (Courtesy Mal’s FB)

As musicians, we couldn’t help being a little awed by the experience. And the several hundred people who paid $30 on a Wednesday night. We left inspired to run our shows, or any other shows for that matter, a whole lot better. To labour the point, when you go to see bands you can often count on disorganisation, bands starting late & running over-time, not knowing the name of the band you’re watching, bad sound, a general lack of communication and so on. In an era of fierce competition for the ‘entertainment dollar’ we need to seriously improve how we do things, musicians & pubs alike.

Fires out.