Too much fun at the Bendigo Hotel on Sunday night. TC, Mat & Craigie dropped around earlier in the evening. We based here in the beer garden for Triple J’s 2013 Hottest 100 (final 20). Got into a huge conversation about the pros & cons of the hair-metal era (as ya do). Mat & Craigie hit the road around 10 & for some reason after way too many beers TC & I thought we’d hit the Bendi for an Australia Day death metal show. We were not disappointed. Wish the guys had stuck around & come with us. Found myself in the mosh. Awesome. Nothing like a metal gig to get the blood pumping. The bands were great. Left with a smile on my face & way too much adrenaline to sleep. These guys were headlining –

Be’Lakor on stage at Summer Breeze 2010. Pic taken from their Facebook page.

On the line-up with Be’Lakor were Claim The Throne (WA), Orpheus Omega, Okera & Heisenberg.
Hangin’ for the next show.

Fires out.