Today, as part of our latest Fire Brigade eNews, we’re officially announcing our very own venue. It’s still several months from opening – we’ve been working frantically since early November. We’ll keep you posted as we progress (still tossing names about too). Here’s an excerpt from this month’s Fire Brigade written by Max…

“Not only will we have absolute freedom to run events the way that works best for The On Fires, it’ll be a multi-purpose space that can be hired by any artist or community group needing a space for theatre rehearsals, dance classes, exhibitions, photoshoots, meetings, concerts and more.

Downstairs In The Venue
The On Fires venue, Collingwood.

Built in the late 1800s it’s a beautiful old building full of charm in Collingwood, four kilometres from Melbourne’s CBD. Rusted pressed metal ceilings, water stained walls and flaking paint are all part of the appeal. It’s pretty much derelict – one leaking dunny (outhouse), windows rotted away, pigeon poo in spades….

We’ve got a huge amount of labour ahead of us to turn the building into a safe, clean and functioning space but people are already excited. We’re already in discussions about an industrial art display, a fashion photoshoot and a live sculpting exhibition.

We’ll be sharing the restoration/creation journey with you on our website as we shift gears from international touring rock band to venue and event managers…”

Fires out.