Beat Magazine recently published this article below. Why the hell would you move to Collingwood – and complain about live music? (Thanks to TC for sending us the link)

Beat Mag Noise Article Bendigo Hotel

Here’s an excerpt from the full article on Beat’s website

The Bendigo Hotel on Johnston Street in Collingwood is the latest live music venue to contend with noise complaints.

In this case, it is from a single resident, who moved into the area in March, and began contacting the licensing authority, the local Council and police a month after. The Bendigo has never been charged with a breach by police or the licensing authority as a result of the complaints, and has had supportive letters from other residents saying the pub’s noise is no problem to them.
“I’ve never met him,” owner Guy Palermo told Beat about the resident. “He refuses to meet up with me. In four years, this is the only time I’ve had a complaint. Once his lease ends, I’m sure he will be gone, leaving me out of pocket thousands of dollars. It is possible he may cause the end of live music at The Bendigo after 100 years of the hotel’s operation.”

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