The wheels are well and truly in motion for a Mercy Dash reunion show. Mick Brown sent me the set lists last week – a total blast from the past, identical to what we played as a band in the late 90’s. And the date for the show appears to be Sat 18th of Jan 2014. More about the venue soon – it’ll be down on (or near) the Mornington Peninsula somewhere. The guys wanna do a matinee and evening show. Mercy Dash had a few different singers & musicians rotate in and out. Looks like everybody who played in the band will perform throughout the show. And to tantalise the big-hair-musical-taste-buds here’s a pic from back in the day…

MercyDash at Marty's Place
Mercy Dash at my place in the 90’s.

Scary stuff. This was my first serious band. We hit it pretty hard, playing 4 or 5 nights a week for a couple of years. Mick Brown on the left has since played drums for The On Fires at shows and on recordings, including our debut album Sky Caves In. I’d also played in a band called Trace with Mick and Brendan Young (on the right) just before TOF began. That’s Chris Micalef, bass-player in the middle.

Fires out.