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The Past That Blasts – Mercy Dash

Huge blast from the past. Plenty of Facebook chatter going on at the moment for Mercy Dash to play a special reunion show. Mercy Dash were around in the mid 90’s playing many-a-show at the now-defunct infamous Joey’s in St Kilda. And yes, I was in the band. We played all over Melbourne but particularly down on the Mornington Peninsula where most of the band lived. We had some great times – a bunch of really young guys attempting to punch above our weight. At the same time (and from the same area) bands like The Living End, Fireballs & Body Jar rose to prominence playing the same pubs we were playing. Alas, the band split up in the late 90s. Fast forward to now & there may well be another Mercy Dash show coming soon. We’ll keep you posted…


That’s Mick Brown on the left – he’s had a lot to do with The On Fires, playing drums on our debut album Sky Caves In & various other releases. And believe it or not, that’s me in the green vest, Brendan Young (2nd from the right) – now Chapter Ray’s guitarist, and bassist Chris Micalef (far right).

Fires out.

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Country Wedding, The Cult Rock Melb

We were away out in the country over the weekend – important family business. A wedding nonetheless. Played guitar for the signing & for some of the reception (very honoured). Perfect setting on a farm in a valley surrounded by lush green rolling hills & beautiful weather. Awesome. Meanwhile back in Melbourne, The Cult were playing a show somewhere in celebration of their killer 2nd album Electric. I loved that album. Still do. Apparently they played the record start-to-finish. Here’s how I first saw em…

Fires out.

Shots From Germany – Simon & Monkey Stereo

Dropped over to see friend and photographer Simon Marrow yesterday. Simon came on tour with us through Germany earlier this year. At some point, we played a show in a city called Suhl & stayed at Anja’s place – another photographer. We had a few days there including a long photo-shoot followed by a show that night. Simon took the shot below in Anja’s bathroom – her home was converted from an old East German chandelier factory. When I caught up with Simon yesterday, I left with a drive full of pics & movies shot on the tour. (more about that soon)

Suhl Shot by Simon Marrow copy

Simon’s photography business is Monkey Stereo. Check out his site.

Fires out.

Italian Fashion – Chiara Biasi & Sky Caves In

Italian fashion designer Chiara Biasi recently used ‘Sky Caves In’ (title track to our 2004 debut album) as the soundtrack to the video launch of their latest clothing range, Anarchic.

Fires out.

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