Nice way to cap off a great weekend. Went down to the Brunswick hotel last night to see Chapter Ray & Veludo. Pretty good crowd for a Sunday night. Excellent sound at the Brunswick these days – crystal-clear, thumping PA. Chapter Ray hitting their stride with plenty of shows under their belt. Love watching the guys smash it out.

Chapter Ray Brunswick Hotel 8Sep13
Chapter Ray, Brunswick Hotel Sunday 8th September 2013.

Opening band, Veludo were a surprise. A rock show delivered with powerful vocals, their material a little Floyd-ish, with The Strokes & U2 in the mix. Check em out if you can.

Veludo Brunswick Hotel 8Sep13
Veludo, Brunswick Hotel Sunday 8th September 2013.

Feeling pretty good this fine Monday morning, learning to pace oneself a little better – especially on a Sunday…

Fires out.