We caught a thoroughly enthralling show last night at Reverence Hotel in Footscray. Our friends Dandelion Wine played a gripping headline slot, capturing everybody in the room, start to finish. It’s so unusual to see a 2 piece band with such a big, eclectic sound. In the first minutes I heard echoes of Portishead and Massive Attack. Then it turned fat & hard rocking. Then suddenly Middle-eastern beat-driven dance-rock. The guys are extremely talented multi-instrumentalists – and entertainers. An absolute must-see. They have one more show in Melbourne before heading off on an extensive European tour including shows in Germany, Poland, Romania and Estonia (and a headlining slot at a festival in a medieval castle).

Dandelion Wine at Reverence FScray
Dandelion Wine, Reverence Hotel, Footscray 25th July 2013.

Go seem em when you can.

Fires out.