Got down to The Thornbury Local on Friday night. Started the night off with a few quiet ones at The Carringbush – a great little pub on Langridge Street in Abbotsford. Classic old-school atmosphere. Occasionally they have bands playing on Sundays – often iconic indie acts who were big around Melbourne in the 80’s & 90’s. But I digress. We ended up at The Thornbury Local, a really cool little bar also with a great atmosphere & friendly staff. These days I seem to end up in amazing drunken ‘deep and meaningful’ conversations with friends & eventually strangers. This night was no exception. Had a ball. At some point, the guys below kicked off a set of obscure cover songs on banjo & acoustic guitar. Stuff from Radiohead, Pixies, Bjork etc. We were loving it.

Thornbury Local
At The Thornbury Local, Friday night.

The walk home saw me, yet again, taking on that 1am souvlaki with extra garlic & chilli sauce. Not good for those in close proximity the following day. Got too cold by the time I made it to Westgarth & jumped into a cab (poor driver).

Fires out.