Went down to the Barleycorn Saturday night to see Chapter Ray. Couple of warm up beers at The Park with my buddy TC. Craigie & Chanel met us at the gig. Forgot to tell Craigie we were leaving The Park – they arrived just after we’d left & sat there at the bar wondering where we were. Damned absent-mindedness. Anyhow, we all hooked up eventually – but the guys missed the first band, Nothing Hurts Robot, who were excellent. Young guys with a fresh Brit prog-rock thing going on. Loved the experimental interludes smack in the middle of pop & post-punk songs. Go see these guys if you can. Check out their Bandcamp site – love the tunes.

Nobody Hurts Robot Barleycorn 15Jun13
Nobody Hurts Robot, Barleycorn Hotel 15 June 2013.

Chapter Ray hit the stage at 10:30 to a good crowd. They delivered a tight set, showcasing songs from their recently released debut EP. CR bring the pop/rock. The material is definitely radio friendly – the band proudly displaying their respective melodic-rock & songwriting influences. Always great to see Mick and Brendan smashing it out. As mentioned here may times, I’ve played in bands with both those guys for years. Left the show feeling great & went on a walking mission to my favourite Souvlaki place in Fitzroy. More about that in coming posts.

Chapter Ray Barleycorn 15Jun13
Chapter Ray (left to Right), Mick Brown, Brendan Young, Adam Ray (Bass player hidden).

Fires out.