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Wartburg Castle, Eisenach Germany

We visited Wartburg castle yesterday, on our way from Eisenach to Bremen. Perched on a rugged hill top with 360 degree views, the castle is over a thousand years old.

Wartburg Castle3
Max on the tower at Wartburg Castle, Eisenach Germany 15 April 2013.

We didn’t have long, about half an hour to look around. Could have stayed for hours but had to get to Bremen by 5pm. Couple more castle shots below. Mind-blowing place.

Wartburg Castle1 Wartburg Castle2

Show tonight at Meisenfrei in Bremen.

Check out the latest video tour diary episode below (posted yesterday).

Fires out.

Video Tour Diaries – Part 3

Video tour diaries – part 3. This one has a bunch of back-stage & after show stuff – hopefully good for a laugh.

We’re here in Bremen for the show tomorrow night at Meisenfrei. 4 hour drive from Eisenach today, after last night’s show there. We stopped to look at a thousand-year-old castle. Insane – gotta get pics up here.

We’re couch-surfing in this amazing, beautiful apartment tonight & tomorrow. It’s in an uber-funky part of town. Noise & music coming from the streets. Wish I was out there but gotta sleep. Big weeks coming up. Final leg of the German tour & the China tour following.

Fires out.

Back On The Road, Eisenach Germany

Back on the road again today. Long sleep last night. Up at 11. Feeling vagued out. Staying in a beautiful old town called Erfurt, resting. Show tonight at Schorschl Club in Eisenach. Got a few hours before we leave for there (about an hour’s drive).

Sommerda Show Germany 10Apr13
After the show in Sommerda – 10th April (pic by Simon Marrow).

The shot above from our Facebook. Check out the latest video tour diaires, posted yesterday (below) – and on Facebook. Next episode coming soon.

Fires out.

Video Tour Diaries – Part 2

Day off today. Feeling almost human. Spent most of the day on laptops in the hostel lounge area (WiFi). Going out tonight to see some local bands. The Vagrants are back in Austria tonight. We’ll meet em on the road again tomorrow for the show at Schorschl in Eisenach. Here’s the latest episode of the Video Tour Diaries.

Next episode coming soon.

Fires out.

Berlin to Gotha

Last night: Hard Rock Cafe in Berlin was a fun show. Great sound. Love it when the sound-guy’s switched on & good. Was a long day by the time we hit the stage. We had a great time. It was an unusual vibe though. Berliners go there to sit down, eat dinner & watch a band. We’re not used to that. We feed off crowd energy. It’s much harder to pick when people are sitting down over a steak. You’re looking for heads nodding & faces smiling, feet tapping. The place was packed. Like the Espy back home, but with meal tables in the front bar, right to the stage. It’s an interesting, challenging exercise to work a crowd like that. Gotta say, I was happy with how we went.

Ren & Max Gotha 12Apr13
Ren (The Vagrants) & Max rocking in the catacombs of Gotha.

Then tonight, we had a show in Gotha. A beautiful, fairy-tale architectural place. We played in a club set up in the catacomb basement of an old, ornate building. Had a great show. People dancing, singing. Max writhing on the dance floor during a keyboard solo. Sweat flying. Nice.

Back at the hostel now. Sleep. Tomorrow off. We’ve had five shows in a row.

Fires out.

Hard Rock Cafe Berlin Tonight

Arrived in Berlin 5 hours ago. We’ve had a couple of great nights – starting to hit our stride with the new sound & show. Relaxing more & having fun with it. Stayed with Anja for a couple of wild days (left yesterday). Every waking moment one of us, including Simon our photographer, would either be in make-up or a photo-shoot. So many shots taken. Unbelievable. Anja was an amazing & generous host who also fed us & kept us loaded on coffee. She came to the show with a couple of friends in Suhl on Tuesday. It feels like weeks ago…

On Stage Suhl Germany Apr2013
On Stage, Suhl Germany a couple of night’s ago – 09 April 2013. Pic by Simon Marrow.

It’s a big one tonight at Hard Rock Cafe in Berlin. Big venue, huge sound. We finished sound-check at midday (10am start) – after a 4 hour drive from the last city early this morning, waking at some ungodly hour. We hit the hay at 3am after last night’s show. Tired & going to sleep before it all happens again tonight. The expected tour-groundhog-day syndrome in full swing.

Fires out.

Video Tour Diaries – Episode 1 (Melb, Beijing, Frankfurt)

Video Tour Diares – Episode 1, Melbourne, Beijing, Frankfurt. Raw, behind the scenes look at life on the road…

Crazy day today. Big night last night, BBQ with Anja’s neighbours. Then a photo shoot all afternoon. Shoot still going. Gotta leave in an hour to sound check for the show in Suhl tonight.

Fires out.

Anja’s Cameleons, Erlau Germany

Staying at Anja’s place at a town called Erlau. She’s a photographer & make-up artist – and keeps pet cameleons who feed on crickets. We’ll show you that in episode 2 of the video tour diaries (episode 1 almost ready to go).

Cameleon At Anya's Place Germany
Max with the big guy.

Anya and cameleon
Anja and Max with the baby.

Night off tonight. Apparently, there’s a BBQ happening with the neighbours in about an hour. Steak, sausages, bread, salad. Awesome.

Show tomorrow in Suhl.

Fires out.

Mühlhausen Sunday Recovery

Woke at midday after a late one – show last night in Mühlhausen. Hadn’t been up long, feeling groggy when the China tour promoter requested a highlights video for Zebra Festival next month. Spent the rest of the day editing a 45 second video to be used right before we go on stage. We’ve got the 5:30 slot this year. Awesome. It’s getting dark now. Feel like I haven’t been up long & the day’s gone. Haven’t left the apartment. We’re staying with a Bulgarian couple and it’s really nice. They are lovely, generous people.

Balconly Shot Mühlhausen
Vlad and Sebrina’s balcony in Mühlhausen, Germany.

Right now, the guys are cooking dinner & getting on like a house on fire. Tour photographer Simon is staying with us (he’s head chef for this meal). Tomorrow’s show is in Suhl about 2 hours from here, at a club called Gambrinus.

Fires out.

Show 2 – Tour Deutschland

Hard show tonight in Mühlhausen. Started badly for us. Wanted to punch the sound guy. We were playing OK – and he was determined we were Kenny G’s bastard love child. WTF. Thoughts of murderous revenge. Couldn’t hear the drums out front (mixing desks have volume controls for that specific purpose – rocket science). Alas it was The On Fires elevator music – with sweat. Sound guys are a band’s life-line to their audience. When they don’t care, you’re in deep shit. When they know it all (and don’t), it’s even worse. Anyhow, we got through it & The Vagrants hit the stage. Lead singer Renata was so sick she couldn’t perform (takes several bullet wounds to stop her, she’s gotta be in a bad way). Pro as ever, Steve & the guys got up there & played for 2 hours, pulling songs out of their arse, and the occasional audience member to sing. I was one of em, Max was another. Got to belt some Zeppelin, dry humping the stage. Damn that was good. Max hit some ACDC & Talking Heads.

In the end, we had a ball and the night, for me, had turned 180. Steve (The Vagrants) is a great guitarist, beyond what I’d realised. Blue-grassy & blues rocking influenced. He plays like a fast ‘southern’ picker. Amazing to see.

Marty Mühlhausen
Me swingin’ low, Mühlhausen show tonight in Germany.

Now I’m fading. Writing this and passing out as I write. I’ve drifted off a few times & just come back. Weird. Gotta sign off.

Fires out, from the other side of the world.

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