First show at Xin Xiang University, on Friday night to about 1500 kids. It was an open-air stage & we kicked off just after sunset. Great night. Took the shot below while we were walking off stage at the end of the show.

Xin Xiang University Xin Xiang 26Apr13
Xin Xiang University, 26 April 2013.

Tonight we played the Ark Bar Xin Xiang. Had a lotta fun at the show. Went out afterward with the owner. Lovely guy. Now it’s 5am & we haul out for the next city in a couple of hours. Can’t sleep. Body clocks are shattered. Woke at 5pm before the show last night. Bed at 4am before that. At least we slept. Really needed it. Feels like weeks without sleeping.

Ark Bar Xinxiang 27APR13
Ark Bar, Xin Xiang 27th April 2013.

Fires out.