Last show in Germany tonight. Emotional. For 3 weeks we’ve been touring with The Vagrants, smelling each others underwear, kissing each others microphone sweat, drinking each others unfinished beer. And tonight it’s over, just like that. We’re gonna really miss em. All of em. Dammit. Tonight’s show was awesome. The best of the tour. Wild crowd, crazy into it. Couldn’t ask for a better send off. Gorilla Bar. Check out the 4th episode of our video tour diary below.

I worry about the last show of every tour (try not to admit that to myself). It’s either gonna be icing on the cake or a bitter taste. Icing tonight, alright. This has been my favourite tour of all. German people love rock, young and old. They love punk, art & attitude, young and old. No sitting at the pokies on a lazy Sunday. They’re at the pub watching bands kick it, young and old. You can’t not love it. Pubs feed and give bands all they can drink. And put us up. Coming from Melbourne, you feel like crying when that kind of hospitality implies the respect this society has for artists who live hand to mouth to bring the joy. Danke Schön Deutschland.

China looms like a vast monster on the horizon, heaving for breathe in its petrochemical air. We’ll be there late tomorrow. Even that is hard to believe as I sit here in a hostel lounge at 3am in Muenster, Germany. Shit – what a ride.

Fires out.