Last night was massive. Great show in Berlin at Dazzle. Beer flowing, small but very vocal excited crowd. It sounded amazing. We stayed up til the wee hours, pumped after the show.  A great night with a stack of classic rock & roll moments. Our good friend Danny came along for the show & we hung out front-of-stage for the Vagrants’ headline set. We first met Danny 6 years ago on our debut European tour. Fantastic to see him again – such a nice guy.

On stage last night at Dazzle ,Berlin – right before the final song (Max waiting for me to put the camera down).

The Vagrants absolutely killed it last night. I’ve never seen them blitz a show like that. A balls-to-the-wall, double guitar onslaught that blew my mind. Me, Danny & Max stood there in awe – classic high energy pub rock at it’s finest. They were so locked-in and tight, the bass & drums thundering. Ren’s vocals were a little drowned up front (with the guitar volume) – but the power and feel was all there. A massive sonic flood in the tradition of epic guitar-rock bands. MC5 comes to mind.

Day off today.
3 shows in a row starting tomorrow (to round off the German tour). China next week.

Fires out