Had an OK show last night in Breman at Meisenfrei. Not our best, had a few technical probs (caused by me). But we had fun with it. If the same thing had happened a few weeks ago, panic would have ensued. We’re getting used to dealing with ‘mishaps’ & turning them into something else – so I guess we’re getting more and more comfortable with the new way of doing things. ‘Sky Caves In’ turned into a trash-fest at the end, me writhing on the stage & Max standing over me – I hit the wrong loop & everything went haywire. The crowd loved it (thank god). Encore-chanting at the end of the set.

Meisenfrei Club Bremen 16Apr13
Meisenfrei club, Bremen Germany 16 April 2013.

The guys in the Vagrants were a little miffed we didn’t continue with an encore. I just had this feeling we’d pushed it as far as we could, my brain-freezing at critical points with the looping & octaving. So I figured, better to leave it on a high, than engage in a kamikaze mission for one more song.

Dazzle Danzclub in Berlin tonight. About to hit the road.

Fires out.