The shot below taken from our first ever show in Poland – Alchemia Klub in Krakow. We were on our way from Amsterdam to Istanbul via Kiev, on our first overseas tour.

The On Fires at Alchemia Klub, Krakow Poland September 2007.

The show at Alchemia was amazing. They had fixed seating almost to the front of the stage. I remember jumping out & balancing on the backs of a couple of seats for the end of Without (where it speeds up during the lead break). Somehow I managed to bounce on those seats without breaking anything, including myself. Got home at 3am, slept for 2 hours, then on the airport bus at 6am. The following night we played a show in Prague to 6 people and a dog (the dog started mounting it’s owner half way through the set, right at the front of the stage). Everybody had a good time…

Fires out.