Yesterday in Victoria Street, Abbotsford: Luna Festival (Chinese New Year). We’ve missed the last few years of this festival. I got down there about 4:30, video camera in hand. It looked as packed as ever this year. Carnival rides in the side streets, snaking Chinese dragons, food & record stalls down Vic Street.

Luna Festival, Victoria Street Abbotsford 27th Jan, 2013.

The pubs were overflowing, dance troupes, bands and entertainers in road-side marquis. The festivities went on into the night, finishing around 11. Perfect weather for it. Took a whole bunch of footage for the Abbotsford Song video clip which we’ll be making soon.

Right now, there’s another festival happening in Nicholson Street (Abbotsford) about 12 doors down from our place, in the old Steiner school quadrangle. A long line of punters waiting to get in. Can hear the bands from here – punk/hard rock/rockabilly kinda vibe.

Fires out.