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New Gods Debut Single ‘On Your Side’ – Awesome

Can’t get this song out of my head. New Gods – On Your Side. The band is a bit of a Melbourne indie super-group, featuring guys from Little Red, Eagle And The Worm and Ground Components. This song is from their debut EP – which is also titled New Gods. Damn it’s good.

Seeya tonight at the Whodafunkit EP launch, POW St Kilda.

Fires out.

Whodafunkit Tomorrow at POW – St Kilda

Whodafunkit play the POW in St Kilda tomorrow night. We posted about the show early this week. The band features our friend and champion drummer Ben Redlich (Ben played with us at last month’s Revelry). Whodafunkit are a whole lotta great fun. Seeya there.

Whodafunkit – Ben Redlich on drums.

A big hello to everybody in the San Francisco area! You keep hitting us up. Drop us a line – leave a comment here or on our Facebook page.

Have a great weekend.
Fires out.

Kev’s Call From Houston

Late last night our buddy Kevin Radomski called in from Houston Texas. We missed the call but he left this classic voice message. Ahhhhh, we love that Southern accent – click the play button below…

Kevin played drums for us on a southern US tour route in 2010, including a show at South By Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas. Shortly after that, we flew him to Poland for Seven Festival in the northern lakes district. We had the time of our lives.

Kevin Radomski with The On Fires, Seven Festival Poland 2010.

Kevin is now a stellar drum-tech, touring endlessly with Janes Addiction. I flew to Brisbane last year for Splendour In The Grass. Janes were headlining & Kevin had scored a back-stage pass for me – a fantastic way to watch the show and all the frantic movement behind the scenes.

Talk soon Kev!
Fires out.

TOF Christmas BBQ Party – Fri 21st Dec

The On Fires Christmas BBQ party in the park, 6pm – Friday 21st December. It’s at Browns Reserve (same place as last year) Nicholson St Abbotsford. Bring your BBQ food, beer & acoustic if you’d like to join in. We’ll bring the sauce, bread & paper plates. We’re also gonna play a few tunes ‘unplugged’. It’ll be a great arvo/night.

Browns Reserve – Nicholson St Abbotsford.

Fires out.

The On Fires Liquored Up – Drinkify

Mat sent us this link to a website which suggests what to drink according to what you’re listening to. The On Fires are there, and apparently our particular drink is a mix of Metaxa & tonic – just what you need…


Whodafunkit – This Sat At POW, St Kilda

Ben Redlich’s band, Whodafunkit, launch their debut EP this Saturday night at Prince Of Wales, St kilda. Ben was our star percussionist at Revelry last month. He was also The Vagrants’ drummer for a couple of years, which was how we first met – celebrating his 21st birthday in Berlin when both our bands were on tour there in 2008.

Whodafunkit – Ben Redlich on drums.

We’ll be down at POW this Saturday for the show. I caught Whodafunkit at IDGAFF earlier this year. They were really great fun, complete with outlandish costumes (and costume changes – we love that). As the band’s name suggests, it’s a funky, dancing kinda show – not to be missed. Seeya there.


Skyfall – The Best Of Bond

Caught the lastest Bond movie last night at iMax, Carlton. What a magnificent film – not just one of the best Bond movies ever, but a thrilling suspense-laden action beast which rivals the very best in the genre. As mentioned, we did see this at iMax, which pounds the senses from go to whoa. That said, the realism of the action and the depth of complexity in the characters was truly gripping – and at times, thoroughly unnerving.

Skyfall dives deep into Bond’s psyche – an unusual approach in a 007 flick. We’re shown a rare insight into the emotional state of a man in a continual kill-or-be-killed cenario. Skyfall is one of those great movies where you wake up the next morning still thinking about it (and the ride it took you on). Not a movie for the faint-hearted & certainly not one you’ll forget in a hurry. Five freekin’ stars, James.


Chapter Ray IDGAFF Last Night

Went down to IDGAFF last night to see some old mates play in their new band, Chapter Ray. Guitarist Brendan Young & drummer Mick Brown have played in bands together, on and off, for years – I’ve been fortunate enough to have been in a couple of their bands, prior to TOF. While I’m at it, Mick also played drums on our first album, Sky Caves In & various other releases after that. The band were really tight last night & having a lot of fun on stage. They had a good sized crowd too, everybody getting in to it.

Chapter Ray at IDGAFF last night.

Chapter Ray are currently recording for their first release (their nearly done). We’ll let you know when it comes out & when their next show is.

Have a great weekend.

Unreleased TOF Track on NYC Compilation Album

Our good friends in New York, The Bloody Muffs, just released a compilation record featuring a bunch of US punk, rock & garage bands – and The On Fires. Click here to go to the album website. While you’re there, scroll down the album tracks (we’re number 17) to hear our previously unreleased track ‘Got This Feeling’. We recorded the song earlier this year as a ‘B side’, but never actually released it… til now.

This Is Now – New York punk, rock & garage compilation album.

We met The Bloody Muffs in New York City, when we were on tour last year. The guys came to a show we did at Arlene’s Grocery in Manhattan. We hung out for drinks after the show, before packing up & heading over to New Jersey for a show the following day.


Hello Palo Alto, California!

Our tech wiz TC (who is also our roadie & equipment supplier) and I, have been viewing our website stats for the past month or so. And we’ve been getting a large number of hits from the Palo Alto area of California, near San Francisco. Hello to y’all out there in sunny Palo Alto/San Francisco! Drop us a line, guys – we’d love to chat. Leave a comment below – or hit us up on Facebook.

We’re not sure why the good folks around San Francisco Bay are hitting us up right now – but we’d like to! Cheers guys & hope to hear from you soon.

Checkya later.
Fires out.

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