Had a great Saturday night down in St Kilda at POW for Whodafunkit’s EP launch. Got there in time to see James Southwell band play their set before the mighty Whodafunkit hit the stage. Southwell is a killer guitarist with a massive voice – a review of their show coming tomorrow. They had the room totally pumped. 15 minutes later, Whoda hit the stage with a bang, starting the show with a big fat classic rock ending, before funking their way into the first song. The vibe in the room was fantastic, a packed POW crowd bouncing & singing along. It was all over too quick – they played a full set, but it went by in a flash. The ‘MORE’ chant went up & the band kicked into an encore.

Whodafunkit live at POW, Sat 15th Dec 2012.

All up, a fantastic show. Got myself an EP, said goodbye to Ben Redlich (Whodafunkit’s drummer who played with us at Revelry last month) & hit the road. Ended up just down the street, kicking back in a souvlaki joint smoking a hooker pipe & meeting a coupla nice guys. We got talking & Jeff turns out to be from Tamworth (where mum lives). The other fella, Sam (I know I’ve got that name wrong) is the son of the golf course owner at South West Rocks (NSW) where my dad lives. Small world. They’d both just recently moved to Melbourne & were blown away by the band scene. Big hello fellas if you’re reading this!

Fires out.