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Wall Of Carlton For Revelry This Sunday

We had an awesome meeting at our place last night for the many folks involved in this Sunday’s Revelry show – bar volunteers, set-up crew, the cooks who’ll be preparing food, meat-raffle organisers, musicians, DJ Crackles & our illustrious MC. It was a great night – and an education in what it takes to organise a major producion, from the bar to the meat-raffle, from set-up to tear-down.










The Great Wall of Carlton, currently in our hallway in readiness for Sunday’s Remembrance Day Revelry.

There are so many people to thank so I’m going to start now, in advance –
Our big thanks to Scott Davies, DJ Crackles (Craig McGrath), Dean Hill, Stalk Stabb, Cujo (Kim) Allen, Keran Sandhu, Heidi, Jaimie, MC Michael Carney, Ross Buckingham, Tony Cartledge, Lucian Rowe, Graham, Kate, Gerome & Robert. We’ll get to thanking all the guest artists after the show…

See you at Revelry on Sunday, 141 Gipps St Abbotsford – The Abbotsford Hall (Collingwood Masonic Centre). Doors & bar open at 1pm, show starts at 2.

DJ Crackles Spins For Revelry This Sunday

DJ Crackles is all set to spin tunes at Revelry on Sunday. He’ll be programming songs before the show & during the breaks – and winding up the day with a magic set, taking us out to closing time (about 6pm). DJ Crackles is a man of eclectic taste, and his set looks certain to take us through 50 years of cool toons with surprises-aplenty.








DJ Crackles.

Seeya Sunday at Remembrance Day Revelry. Doors open at 1pm. Show starts at 2pm. (Abbotsford Hall, 141 Gipps St Abbotsford)


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Australia Stops For Melbourne Cup

It’s coming up to midday in Melbourne. In just a few hours Australia will stop to watch the Melbourne Cup (today is a public holiday in Melbourne, specifically this horse race). Apart from the hundred-thousand people who’ll actually be at the track in Flemington, Aussies everywhere will be holed up around a TV screen between the bar and the BBQ – watching their horse belt it out for two miles.

Melbourne Cup.

We’ll be at Stalk & Kim’s place, a Melbourne Cup tradition. Let the the horses run, the beer flow and the punters punt.

Seeya Sunday at Remembrance Day Revelry.

Revelry Raises The Spirit of Stalk’s Yak This Sunday

Is it the coolest back-yard in Abbotsford? Stalk & Kim’s place has, in many ways, become the new Yak Bar – Stalk having sold the Yak in 2006 to the folks who now run it as IDGAFF (Hoddle St, Abbotsford). The Yak banner is now pride of place in Stalk & Kim’s backyard, where tomorrow Cup Day mayhem will ensue. It’s a tradition every year – BBQing, drinking, race-watching, betting and more beer. Might take the acoustic over for some pre Revelry jamming.

This Sunday, we’ll be in full swing at Remembrance Day Revelry – The On Fires with a swathe of local guest stars, cheap beer, free party pies, free entry and a meat raffle. Just like our shows every Sunday at the mighty Yak Bar in 2005 – it’ll be an amazing community event – and an all ages show. Doors open at 1pm, show starts at 2.

More guest artist news for Revelry coming this week…


Chill Out With TOF Stubby Holder At Revelry

Yesterday our brand-spanking new stubby holders arrived. We’ve had them printed up especially for this month’s Revelry Show (11th Nov). Look out for them on the merch table at the show.

Have a great weekend. We’ll be in rehearsals in preparation for Remembrance Day Revelry – and Ben Redlich will be along tomorrow arvo to finalise his percussion work for the show.

Ben Redlich, drumming for his band Whodafunkit, earlier this year.


Halloween Show, Last Night At Hi Fi Bar Melbourne

Max & I arrived at the Hi Fi Bar around 7pm last night to help set-up for a Halloween benefit show, organised by our friends The Vagrants. Max’s job was to work the merch table & my task for the evening was ‘stage-manager’. The bands started coming on at 8:30. I’ve gotta say, stage-managing can be a fairly challenging job. I’ve never done it before – but now I know how that guy feels; the one who’s standing in the wings yelling at the band to get off because they’ve run overtime. If the first band goes 10 minutes over & the 2nd band does the same, you never catch up & the headliner gets their set cut short (and the stage-manager gets an arse-kicking). Luckily, everything went pretty smoothly.

Renata out front of The Vagrants, last night at Hi Fi Bar, Melbourne.

The Vagrants played a great show, inspired by the ghoulish costumes they were wearing. At one point they must have had 10 people on stage, including a backing-vocal section. Nat Allison Band was great too. I didn’t get to see much of anything out front, holed up at side of stage, but there were some excellent musicians in the bands. Jimmy Cupples, a winning contestant from ‘The Voice’, headlined the show with his backing band of killer session players. I found him a little uneasy at first, before he warmed to the club environment. Gotta be said, the guy has a great voice. The band played a bunch of classic rock covers to round out the night.

Vagrants on-stage mayhem, last night at Hi Fi Bar.

More info about this month’s Revelry show (11th Nov) coming soon.
We’ve got a stack of local guest stars joining us & a magificent crew of volunteers helping out on the day. It’s a liquor licensed show – and it’s an all ages thing too. Doors open at 1pm, show starts at 2…


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