After months of rehearsing & planning for last weekend’s Revelry show, we jumped in the van & headed for Bendigo to spend this weekend sitting on Sandy’s back verandah. The beers were flowing (the ladies were on the cider) and the weather was fantastic. Winner of Revelry’s meat raffle, Clive dropped in with Maria & cooked the barbie Saturday night.

Me and Sandy at her place in Bendigo, this weekend – pic by Max.

Bendigo has certainly changed over the past 10 years. It’s now a bustling, cosmopolitan city with a cafe around every corner – and they take their coffee way seriously. We spent a few hours on Saturday looking around the city’s main art gallery, which is huge & getting bigger. Sandy works there, so we got this amazing guided tour. Awesome.

Dropped in to see Steve Lane (Steve Lane and the Autocrats) on the way home yesterday. Great to catch up.

A fine weekend it was…
Back to work.