It was a massive day on Sunday. We started early in the morning, teams of helpers lugging equipment, food and beer into cars and vans for the short trip around to Abbotsford Hall, where set-up began at 10:30am for Remembrance Day Revelry. It was a mammoth effort. By 2pm we were ready to roll when Michael Gallichio opened the show. We hit the stage at 2:30 – and hit our first technical issue which forced us to start again. But after that, things got settled & off we went.

It was fantastic to see so many familiar faces, people who’d come from near and far (including the northern NSW & country VIC). The room was packed, the community vibe flowing – the On Fires family gathered. The best thing I’ve heard about the day was the sense of family and friendship everybody felt. The great thing about putting on our own show (outside of a pub or club) is being able to set up exactly how we like & play our own kinda show  – on a sunny Melbourne arvo. A lotta people brought their kids along too, which was fantastic. We don’t normally have that kind of experience.

The wash up: We’re still looking over how the day went. For us, it was a great success & we’ve already started planning the next one – and some local shows beforehand in 2013. We’ll definitely host an On Fires Christmas arvo before this year is out – details coming soon.

Thanks to everybody who helped us put Sunday’s show together. It could not have happened without you –  the cooks, the raffle organisers, the production & set-up crews, the bar staff, balloon-blower-uppers and everybody who got down to see it. At last count, we had between 180 and 200 folks spend the arvo with us.

Singing ‘Abbotsford Song’ at Remembrance Day Revelry, Sunday 11th Nov 2012.