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A Vagrant Halloween at Hi Fi Melbourne

Wednesday 31st October, The Vagrants play Hi Fi Bar Melbourne – a Halloween fundraiser for ‘Support Act’, Australia’s music industry benevolent fund. Steve from The Vagrants is one of the key organisers. There’ll be a stack of great acts on the bill (see poster below). And The On Fires will be there working behind the scenes (& maybe even some MC duties).

Planning for our November Melbourne show is building bigger by the day. Rehearsals for the show are kicking arse. More news soon.


Clive Returns With Eye On November Meat Raffle Blitz

I heard over the weekend that Clive ‘Dundee’ Cooke will be down for the show on 11th November – with his eye on yet another meat tray raffle. For those who are wondering what this means: When we played Sunday’s at the Yak Bar a few years ago, we ran a weekly meat raffle during the half time break. Notoriously, Clive ‘Dundee’ won said raffle 7 times – and 3 times in a row. He certainly cleaned up, much to the chagrin of many in the audience – who could’ve sworn it was their turn that week.

Well, the battle for meat raffle supremacy is clearly not over yet. Clive will no doubt be warming up those raffle ticket buying skills over the coming month, in readiness for meat tray victory…

Clive, returned briefly from the road earlier this year, pictured at Stalk & Kim’s place.

Checkya later.
Fires out.

Ukraine Tour Diary Archives 08

We were looking through some tour archives last night, partly to unearth some memories & partly to make sure the data was still there. Found this awesome shot from Ukraine in 2008 – Max and Sasha Pipa sharing the mic at one of the shows on a 3 week national tour. It was an intense, amazing time traversing the former Soviet country. We went on to play shows in Berlin, Romania & Turkey after the Ukraine leg.

We’re preparing for European & Asian tours early next year. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll get back to Kiev and see our long missed friends there. We haven’t seen them for nearly 4 years…


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