Went down to Inflation last night on good ‘ol King Street (Melbourne) to see The Vagrants play a very special show. As mentioned in yesterday’s post, the band’s founding members, Steve & Renata, celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary on stage. As it turned out, they were re-married on stage by a celebrant (their backing vocalist) right before the show. Then it was down to business, a classic Vagrants blues-based rocking set complete with a brass section crescendo.

The Vagrants on stage last night at Inflation (House of Rock), Melbourne.

After The Vagrants, Dear Stalker hit the stage – a three piece alt-rock act with some good solid tunes. The show was tight & rocked out, the drummer smashing the crap outa the kit.

Dear Stalker, last night at Inflation (House of Rock).

Took me ages to get home after the show. King Street is a cab-ride desert at that time of the night. And you wanna get outa there before the street’s notorious drug & alcohol-fueled mayhem kicks in (about 2am). As it turned out, I ended up walking almost the whole way home, cabbing the last bit through Collingwood. Felt half reasonable today after the forced exercise…

Steve & Renata with new marriage certificate at last night’s show.

Congratulations Ren & Steve.