We’re looking for your favourite live video. Today’s entry is from Kate. She sent us this video link – ACDC – ‘It’s a Long Way To The Top 1976’ . OK, we know it’s not quite ‘live’ – but we thought we’d bend the rules for this one (at the risk of a barrage of complaints – it is a classic). ‘Like’ it on our Facebook page or leave a comment here. Send us your favourite live video link & we’ll feature it here (& Facebook). Quick explanation from Kate below…

Kate’s explanation:
“Hey Marty, Here’s my live music nomination for the comp. You can’t get more live than takin’ it to the street on the back of a truck. I saw them live at the Shepparton Civic Centre when I was 15, the first real rock concert I’d been to… Sharpie dancing my heart out along with the rest of the teen population of Shepp. Ahhh… those were the days. The new chap is very good, but for me if it’s not Bon Scott, it’s not Acca Dacca. Enjoy! kate.”