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Stones’ 50

Loving the Stones. 50 years ago today, the beginning for one of the biggest rock bands of all time…

42 years to go & we’re there!

(video above from the Brisbane Times)


Amanda Palmer Vid (Mat Ward’s Link)

Mat Ward (our photographer) sent us this video – Amanda Palmer ‘Want It Back’ – uncensored. Amazing work of ‘textural’ art…

Mat’s also done a bunch of photography for Amanda Palmer, officially invited into the ‘photo pit’ front-of-stage to snap a show earlier this year.


‘Adore’ On Channel 10’s Bondi Rescue

Over the weekend, we were notified that Chanel Ten’s Bondi Rescue had used Adore as part of the sound track for episode two of the current season. Takes us a little time to hear about these things – the episode in question ran on Monday 13th of Feb (2012).

Adore was released on our first album, Sky Caves In, back in 2004. Also released as a single, the song was officially titled Adore Part II on the album (parts I and III being instrumentals – in case you wanted to know). Adore was a crowd favourite back in our Yak Bar days in Abbotsford, when we first got started. Somehow it made it’s way out of the set & we’ve not played it live for ages. That said, the title track of that first album (also a Yak favourite) is still part of our current touring set.


Whodafunkit & Forever Young – Idgaff Last Night

Went down to Idgaff last night to see Ben Redlich’s new band Whodafunkit. Great band of young guys bringing the funk to Melbourne’s pubs & bars. They were tight & having fun – we’re talking costumes here. The shot below is taken from their Facebook page (not as wildly decked out). I got there after the set had started – pretty sure Ben (on drums) was wearing some kind of speedracer helmet…

Great catching up with Ben who’s played many a show with our good friends, The Vagrants. He’s also jumped up on stage with us a few times in the past.

Ben & Marty last night at Idgaff – Whodafunkit show.

After all this time, I still have not mastered the fine art of pacing one’s self on a night out seeing bands. Way too much beer & stuck around til stumps, staggering home by 2. What the hell? That was not the plan. Anyway, kinda glad I stayed. After Ben’s band, Forever Young hit the stage and they were fantastic. Old school pub rock from a golden era – played by guys who’ve certainly been around the block. Band leader and drummer, Trevor Young, played with Lobby Loyde & The Coloured Balls in the 70’s.

Forever Young, last night at Idgaff.

All up, a great night – both bands blitzing. If you get the chance, go see em.


Fugazi Doco

This morning, Pete S. sent us this video link – a documentary film about the uncompromising Fugazi. Based in Washington DC, the band focused purely on being the best band they could be – not on radio play, record deals & making piles of money. As a result, they’ve found themselves outselling major label bands & building a cult following across the planet. The doco features a bunch of live shows, interviews, back-stage discussion & studio footage – highlighting the band’s courageous DIY approach…


Hump Day 4th July & A Moment For Big Baz

Happy 4th of July, Independence Day, to our North American friends.

Also on this day…

1966 – Beatles attacked in Philippines after insulting Imelda Marcos
1969 – 140,000 attend Atlanta Pop Festival featuring Led Zep & Janis Joplin
And the mighty Barry White (my mum’s favourite singer/songwriter/sweet-talker of all time) died in 2003. Many a night, sleep was hard to find growing up in the family home – Barry blaring from the kitchen stereo…


Melbourne Shows?

The past couple of weeks, we’ve been working on booking some Melbourne shows for the 2nd half of this year. We’re currently in talks with a venue in Abbotsford about dates around September/October. The upcoming shows will have a community vibe, featuring local guest artists, chook raffles & cheap beer – a bit like the old Yak Bar. We haven’t locked the venue down just yet (but we have a couple of great contenders).

Max gives em a spray, Chang Jiang Festival, China April 2012.


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