Blast from the past: June 2009 – The On Fires, when we were known as Asleep In The Park, live in Ukraine at Tarasova Gora Festival (a few hours drive from Kiev). Our good friend Sasha Seminova shot this video. Sasha was (and still is) the manager & promoter of Atraktor featuring legendary Ukrainian punk icon, Sasha Pipa.

We’ve played many a show with Sasha Pipa, joining him on extensive tours of Ukraine back in 2008 & 2009. We first met by accident, opening for one of Sasha’s bands, Borshch, at a small club in Kiev late in 2007. We had no idea how big Borshch were until we got to the venue, which was packed wall to wall, front to back & all the way up the stairs to the exit. I’d set the show up on MySpace with Sasha the manager, not knowing what to expect. That show turned out to be the best of the entire tour – we’d been on the road through Europe for 3 weeks, starting in Amsterdam & traveling east to Ukraine before final shows in Turkey. A mind blowing experience.

The other guys on stage in the video were fellow Melbournites, Naomi & Simon, who were part of the band between 07 & 09.